Aboriginal Art Consultancy 

Hello my name is Raymond Walters Penangk. I am someone with a passion for Aboriginal culture and art. I have had many solo exhibitions and involvement in commission projects. While managing my art business I've had an enjoyable career in the public and private sector working with young  people and their families.

My work and art has also  provided me with the privilege to travel to many regions in Australia, both urban and remote locations. As a result I have met and occasionally worked with some very talented and amazing emerging and established Aboriginal artist.

Whether you are a collector of art or a novice, I invite the opportunity to meet with you, work with you, and find the perfect art piece for your home or place of work.

Art @ Work

Business owners are starting to understand that displaying artwork within a workplace can not only add to the client experience, but can increase employee productivity also. The following are some of the merits of displaying artwork in the office.

Art inspires and unlock creative potential, ultimately helping to generate innovative ideas, these ideas in turn lead to new business practices and promotional campaigns for example, which often leads to business growth. 

Art helps connect with clients. A lot of companies attract specific types of clientele for their businesses. For example a family law firm may feature paintings or photographs of happy families in their reception. Having appropriate artworks and images can bring a sense of comfort and ease for your client, enabling a deeper connection, which builds and leads to better business relations.

At Penangk Gallery we can assist you with finding art to suit your office space.

Art @ Home

Have you recently moved into your new home and started thinking  about a special painting for your wall?

You have been in your home for a long while but would like to to  invest in a painting or story to compliment your collection of art?

Whether you're styling on a budget or have money to invest in a beautiful painting to keep forever, let us at Penangk assist you with finding the piece that connects with you, your family and your home.